Cross-platform 3D sandbox MMORPG “Albion Online Silver” exposure

More than a year of pre-heating Sandbox 3D MMORPG “Albion Online” finally will open the initial test in Europe, the recent exposure of a medium is as long as 35 minutes to get started video, showing some of the basic content of the game. “Albion” by the developer Sandbox Interactive development of production from Berlin, Germany, is a cross-platform 3D sandbox role-playing game. It expected landing Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android and other platforms, and data exchange, the player character for each platform can exist in the same game world by Buy Albion Online Gold.

Players will adventure into a medieval fantasy world, acquire and trading resources, make weapons, enjoy the fun dynamic PvP combat. The game offers a wealth of character customization system, abandon the traditional occupational settings, Cheap the skills of players and equipment determines the player’s ability.

Expansion and development of territories is the core of this work, the player must gather resources through looting or occupied areas, in order to develop into big cities own little village. Research and development team claimed that “Albion Online Silver” the open game world will be with the players for fighting and defense territory, continue to evolve. Games will be officially released in early 2015 on Mac, PC, Linux and other platforms, Android and iOS versions are planned which, just release time may be a little later. More game information, all in original channel when the music!

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