Some suggestion for Albion Online

Please make it possible to see what factions exist in what zone. For example, where the Undead are? Also, can you consider making the missions more group friendly i.e. you don’t have to be the one to get the killing blow on a mob for it to count? The way it is now it’s going to take me ages to grind out knucklebones for the Undead Robes. I’m going to do it anyway regardless so I can harass your players with evil villain monologue RP.

Other than that THANK YOU SO MUCH for making looting impossible during combat! I keep accidentally clicking to loot when the group is all bunched up fighting for their lives. All the other updates are awesome too, thanks for listening and making sure this game succeeds. It is my favourite type of game like Albion Online Gold….and soon, perhaps, will be my favourite game of all time!
Yeah I have had plenty of time to check it out, and my added armor in heavy doesn’t really protect me from how much more damage they are doing in light when we are equally geared. He’s drunk.
Currently things like Fame and other issues, should be changed so we can test them with new numbers . I just feel it’s a bit boring to test something we reported as bad, and we don’t see any changes in logs, only Soon(TM).
Not criticism, more like a constructive feedback by buy Albion Online Gold, that I think instead leaving the game alone so people can play, just mess around with it. In the end this is a BETA test and it’s about testing and tweaking. If anyone complains about changes, he shouldn’t play in a BETA.

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