The Crafting Materials In the crafting materials

I’m sure you’ve thought this thoroughly but the numbers on the provided example do not make much sense to me.If I go with the craft & destroy approach for 50 swords then I’ve essentially completely spent/wasted the crafting materials for these 50 items by buy Albion Online Gold.
Instead, if I create 100 swords and sell them on the market for just 55% of the cost of materials, I’m still better off than using the destroy feature.You’re putting a limit on how low the prices can go but still crafting items will incur a loss.
Increasing the fame earned by destroying items by a lot will simply force people down this path and make the “grind” quicker – but not address the original problem.
The problem is largely immersion based. Say you want to be a T5 Swordsmith. Without the minimum fame restriction on training, you could just buy tons of swords of the Albion Online Gold, all destroy them via training and then unlock T5 Swordsmith without ever having crafted a sword yourself. We don’t really like that.However, the minimum fame needed in order to use training will be quite low, maybe 10% of the total fame needed for the node.

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