My first Msg On Albion Online

So, I play mmorpg sine UO and many titles after that and mainly focused in PvP and farming/craft.One title that I played a lot was WoW specially during BC~Cataclysm and returned now in WoD since last November but I can´t play it anymore I love Blizzard but I don´t really know the what producers and designers are doing with this game by buy Albion Online Gold, a pit. Anyway not here to talk about WoW. But since I got bored of Wow I started to look for another game basically my search on google was “ sandbox mmo” , “hardcore mmo” ,“full lot mmo” ,”full pvp mmo”. Well it lead to titles like ArcheAge, EQ next, Black desert , Star Citizen and obviously Albion. ArcheAge completely messed and destroyed by bugs and exploits, EQ next personally I still following but don´t ringed my bell, Black desert not much information and we shoul just have not Asia server mid 2016 and Star Citizen looks outstanding but in my view could be a game to play parallel to other medieval mmo, finally Albion , where I don´t had the opportunity to play first alpha but for what I read and see have a mechanics that attract me a lot Just one thing thel me a bit uncomfortable with Albion is the game camera view “ MOBA stile” , I don´t think graphic should be Hi-quality but I think that a “regular” 3rd person as majority of 3d mmos have give a more immersion sensation.

Now a part of my WoW complains , mmos reviews and Albion first impressions I´ll be more specific to this last video content.Ok, not so specific… I work in financial market and farming/crafting/economy is a relevant topic for me.I love the concept of fully-player-dependent-economy, but reading some previews msg complaining about need an excess of dedication on farming I understand this guys. I think it should work in a way that player don´t need any farming if he don’t like, he just have to find other ways to have money and the buy for the food and other crafts, as in real life, I work in financial market don’t have a farm but with my salary I go to the Albion Online Silver and just buy what I need. So players can do quest, dungeon whatever to get gold and buy what they need. I other way its excellent that some player don´t farm or craft so it keep the farmer and crafter important for the game flow an if the farmer/crafter don´t want to kill monster to have his gold cool he will be paid for his production and it keeps the flow.

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