Testing Phase On Albion Online

I’ve been pushing for a wipe upon the new board and fame changes for a couple weeks now, all my posts have been ridiculed. People care less about the game being successful on launch and an enjoyable test experience, because Albion Online Silver would lose the edge they exploited with, wouldn’t have the exploited rewards they are using to establish e-peen vs. other guilds, and because they already think it’s live and want to play the game not test it. Frustrating as I actually want to see the game successful.
The dev said they had no plans to wipe until March. If they go back on their words now, people won’t trust them anymore. People are playing this game hardcore because they have been promised one wipe right before release. One wipe. Not frequent wipes.
You say starting fresh is going to fix bugs by buy Albion Online Gold . How? I want specific bugs that would be fixed by starting over.
I feel like you’ve been playing this game as if it were the live version. I’m sorry you spent or someone else spent that much time during a testing phase outside of the first few days.

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