Playing Your Character Albion Online

In every combat zone, there will be a variety of side missions for you to accomplish. Doing so will reward you with chests full of weapons/items, experience and gold. The trickiest challenges I found were the Albion Online Silver specific kills, and the timed events. A hexed zone can reward you in one way but slow you down just as quickly. Either way, the replay-ability of the dungeons is spot on for cooperative or single play. The dungeons are just the right length for you to do a couple at any one sitting. The layouts are diverse and fun enough for the completionist and speed runner alike. New enemies are often discovered, and the sheer quantity on the screen can really force you to maximize all of your abilities to overcome a tough situation. Playing solo definitely provides a great challenge, especially in the last act and with most hexes activated. If that becomes too challenging, there is always online coop.

When playing your character online, there are no pauses, and the scaling of the enemy difficulty will rise and stack with activated hexes. For the most part there are no issues here, but I found having 2 players was incredibly hard, and having 4 players was incredibly easy. This was with my brief experience during this part of the game by , but there may be some room for balancing here. Bosses are the biggeCheap Albion Online Goldst reason for you to group up, and it’s incredibly fun to chain abilities and time your special attacks when it is needed most. There is a PvP arena to test your skills, but it’s difficult to find a match since it’s instanced in a specific location on the map in which both parties need to travel first.

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