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I’m not making this all about me but this is my example which contradicts this, and I’m pretty sure there are others like me in the same boat. I started a new guild between the finish of the 2015 Winter Alpha and the start of the 2015 Summer Alpha. If this new thread drowns out the community run one that means that I will no longer be eligible to have my guild up on the new primary guild registry as I do not have more than 20 members, and my guild hasn’t even been an in-Albion Online Silver guild before. However I am more than ready to start my own guild as I’ve been the guild leader in plenty of other MMO’s as well as co-owning a guild in the previous Alpha. This registry stands as more of a barrier than a pathway to me because now I will not be heard and instead already established guilds will be.

Another example is in the last Alpha a guild called ‘The Wolves’ was a fairly strong guild and was in the top 40 in almost every category. However they are not eligible as they did not have over 20 members. Another example is Rising Millennium – a successful guild that established in the last Alpha that was high in the leader boards and had over 100 members, however they are not eligible as the guild leader did not successfully create a guild page as proof of existence or members and no one in the guild streamed or recorded game play. There are plenty of guilds that are not eligible for this page due to restrictions and because of that they are at a high risk of dying out. This is Alpha we should be encouraging new guilds not creating barriers.

If staff are still adamant about having this as a sticky thread with the current eligibility requirements I vote that the community guild registry of Cheap Albion Online Gold should be sticky as well. That way it gives players a choice from looking at a list of guilds dedicated to hand-holding and teaching them, as well as guilds that want to get themselves heard and earn influence and reputation.  what are your thoughts on this matter?

Feel free to criticize me but I would have the same opinion regardless of whether I was a new guild leader or not.

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