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Yeah that yield seems a little high. But really i haven’t gotten to experience. As I am trying to level skinning laborers and just now got to the T3-T5 branch. They really need to look at the early fame these laborers get. Because it took me about 2 and half weeks to get just one to this level. The books were easily to fill by buy Albion Online Gold . The problem leveling them was having to wait 8 hours between returns. I would be down for nerfing the return in exchange for lowering the time by at least %50. Because right now I still have probably another 2 week period before my higher tier gamekeeper brings back useful materials. But by then i will have outscaled him again. 8 hours is just simply too long. It for the most part limits me to a max of 2 journals a day. That is if i am lucky I remember to quickly login to put one on them before I go to work/etc for day.

Also, I think we need to be super careful about heavy-handed nerfs to laborer yield. 76k fame in yield for 16k fame in harvesting is too much, obviously; but journals cost silver (~1k silver at T4), and they’re a major draw for players in red/black zones (where you could easily lose said journals). With the current payout on test, the market value for mat yield is less than the cost of the book. IMO, if yield is to be nerfed, three thing need to happen in the same patch:
Reduce laborer yield (IMO, increase the fame needed to fill journals and set the yield to 100% of the fame acquired via harvesting)
Reduce journal value to make fast-traveling with them a non-issue (like, reduce the value to 1)
Reduce the Albion Online Silver to purchase journals to a negligible amount (e.g. 100 silver)
If laborer yield is nerfed, and issues #2 and #3 are not addressed, players will consider laborers to be ‘broken’.

So basically I am lucky to get maybe 300-400 fame per day on them. If i wasn’t really interested in the idea of laborers i would have given up on them long ago. I have basically leveled skinning on my guy to T8 in the time its taken me to get 1 laborer to T3-T5 and another about 60% of the way to T3-T5.

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