Albion Gold Guide: some mobs can stun you

I’m now hiding in a forest far from the roads and the enemy didn’t see me head this way. They likely thought I kept going in my original escaping direction to get to another zone but I need to be sure.Hit the log out button in the safest spot you can find. There is a 60 second timer on this so you have time to change your mind if you think the threat is gone but you also better hope the spot you’re hiding won’t get found before the 60 seconds is up.

Quick sidenote: Some people may think it’s cowardly to logout in order to escape. To which I say: “Fuck you, I’m not losing my T5bag and Ox today sucker!”Ok here is the Cheap Albion Online Gold and most important thing you need to do. When you’re logout timer is counting down and you’re sure you won’t get caught.

But it’s cool I wasn’t trying to come at you. I’ve never even been victim to the duel trolls, it’s just annoying and I don’t think “it was done to me so i should do it” is a valid reason. I think/hope that generally speaking you agree, as I know you were part of the “we dont want to exploit Glacial” back when it was buggy as hell.Not sure how much more i’ll be playing until a wipe anyways honestly. Games full of 30+ man zergs running around in the 1 area I can actually fame and get anything for my time.

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