The Happiness Of The Albion Online Laborer

The extra yield should be dependent on the tier of the laborer and the Journal being turned in as well as the happiness of the laborer, The current set up allows for up to 150% due to happiness and other factors and i feel that should be the case but the “100%” should be based off of a smaller percentage of the journal added i believe that the new set up is for 33% so with a fully happy laborer in the right bed etc. would be at 50% of the journal used.

the hours of grind should be variable with the minimum being 2hrs and the maximum being 8hours, so if 2 hours is 800 fame for a T2 journal then the max should be 4 times that our 3200 fame. I feel that a variable journal would allow for fewer journals to clutter up inventory space an accommodate both the 2hr play session and the 8hr play session. also with variable journals the time for the laborers to busy would be variable as well a journal that was filled in 2 hours should keep a laborer busy for 2 hours so that a journal that took 8 hours to fill would keep the laborer busy for 8 hours

Wow gathers the people that often die the easiest and risk the most just got a 90% dump taken on them. I can’t fathom how this big a drop will help make the Albion Online Gold game more fun.I am still shocked they went with such a huge reduction. I’ts going to be really interesting to see how this effects the game after they wipe.

Honestly it’s dropped so low unless you are talking T6 plus mats it’s not even worth the time and space to bother anymore. Even at T6 idk maybe T7-8. It’s much better all former gathers convert over to gather killers.Once again a buff for zergs and nerf to small guilds / alliances or solo players. As far as I know only a hand full of zerg guilds / alliances go out in zergs to gather.

Guess i’m dropping guild and giving up fighting the zergs might as well join them seems how they want this game to be I can’t fight it anymore.

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