The Albion Online Equivalent Of Trying

People who farm multiboxers will be ahead of the people who multibox to farm.As long as end tier resources are not added to “Safe” zones, then leave the policing of multi boxers to the public, and allow the dev’s and GM’s to focus their time and resources on game development, exploiters and bots.

This was not the point of my post, this was “The game should facilitate everyone’s requirements of game-play under ONE character Please ensure the game plays best with only ONE character required.”and in short I wanted to point out that with this type of game there is no way to ensure that the game plays best with only one character required.

By the way regarding your post, do not be so sure that people will farm multiboxers if serious people get interested, there are movements techniques that if well implemented, catching a bot could be the equivalent of trying to catch a wet piece of soap throw at you with bare wet hands, whether is green or black zone, actually black zone due to the high risk are going to see very few players around, so even easier to sneak around than green.

Botting is a separate issue and not related to this Cheap Albion Online Gold debate, although would be controlled in the same player policing style within this game structure. PK them and take their loot.

In the other hand, low tier wearing bots can go top black areas sneaking around mobs and their aggro range, collect what they can like peons in warcraft 3 “job’s done!”, have all top tier nodes full and so on, anyway they do not need any progression in the destiny board (apart from the one necessary to gather)

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