The Elder Scrolls: Templar Guide

ESO Guides – I just wanted to add my experience and viable builds for all the templar wannabees out there! Below you will find different builds and tactics i found to be viable, both in leveling as in pvp. I will list the build followed by an explanation of how it works, more ESo Guides on, you will learn many skills there.

Most builds will contain 2 weapon sets which you will obtain at level

Before you reach this point be sure to level both the weapons if your interested in it.
Other general templar tips:

Have at least 1 skill of every class and weapon on your bar while questing. This will ensue you level all those skills important to you.

Same for armor, it allows you flexibility later on if you decide you dont like your current playstyle

Having a healing skill on your bar is amazing, kite a bit, heal up and go back in! Saved me more than i can count and its something other classes cant do.

Play your templar however you want, we got close range, long range, tankability, spells, buffs everything you could ask for!

Manage your resources, ideally you want to switch between stam and magicka skills, this increases dmg uptime and questing downtime.

If you like ranged characters, go templar archer its amazing.

Really, play your templar however you want.

Some of our coolest abilities can be obtained really fast!

Dawns wrath solar prison is probably 1 of the strongest ultimates in game

Pick your race for whatever reason you want, however redguard, breton, highelf and dunmer are considered having the strongest passives.

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