How to set automation attack in Runescape

Do you know how to turn on the automation attack in Runescape, which can be useful in different combat styles – Melee, Ranged and Magic. Below is a Automation Attack guide from, I hope this would help you more or less.


The Automaton Tracer, weak to crush attacks.

Automaton Tracer
If you wish to melee the Automatons, your basic ability rotation will depend on your weapon/s – if you have 2h or Dual Wield. Universal abilities include Slice, Sever, Dismember, Punish, and Backhand / Kick. Dual Wield abilities include Decimate and Havoc, and 2h ones are Cleave and Smash. However, your thresholds will do the majority of the damage. Use Assault whenever it is off cool-down, and also use Slaughter and take one step forward to inflict an incredible bleed. If Dual Wielding, Destroy is another very powerful ability, and for 2h users you may also use Hurricane and Quake. However when Meleeing BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE AUTOMATON’S SPECIAL – Automatons have a special attack in which they will slam the ground with their hands repetitively, which will release shockwaves along the ground hitting into the high thousands at a rapid pace.

Two Automatons using their special attack.

Special attack
This can be avoided by stepping backwards – the escape ability is useful – but if you channel a combo ability such as Assault right as the Automaton begins it’s special, you will have to break the ability and run to avoid being quickly killed.


The Automaton Generator, weak to arrows.

Automaton Generator
Your basic ability rotation should consist of the abilities (in order) Fragmentation Shot, Needle Strike / Dazing Shot, Piercing Shot, and Snipe. Be careful using Ricochet, as having multiple Automatons on you at once could drain your health at an alarming rate. The vast majority of your damage lies within your threshold abilities. There are four you will be using mainly – Bombardment, Tight Bindings, Snap Shot, and Rapid Fire. If you have all four off of cooldown, use them in that order – that is the fastest method to launch all four of them in quick succession. Smoke Tendrils is not recommended as it will damage you significantly. However with Soul Split this should not be too much of a problem. You will be out of range of the special attack, so you need not worry about it unless you like ranging from point-blank range.


The Automaton Guardian, weak to fire spells.

How to set automation attack in Runescape

Automaton Guardian
Probably the easiest method to take down Automatons, due to the fact you can farcast and safespot the melee Automatons, magic is good for those first learning to kill them. Use Fire Wave or any Surge spell if you have them. Your basic abilities should rotate through Impact, Combust, Wrack, Sonic Wave / Concentrated Blast, and Dragon Breath. Be wary when using both the later ability and chain, as it is difficult to fend of multiple Automatons at once if you catch any more with the AoE of those abilities. Use the two thresholds Asphyxiate and Wild Magic when you are able, as these both do very high damage even for thresholds and are where most of your damage will be sourced from. The best place to safespot the Automatons is around the small blockings on the sides of the entrances to the unaccessible storage bays that were used during the quest.


Alongside their glove drops, they drop various other stackable items, like herb seeds, Earth runes, noted Supercompost, ores, and magic logs, and also a very rare chance (roughly equal to a gloves drop) of dropping a Cresbot – a tiny Automaton that will follow you as a pet.

Their XP is not the greatest of all monsters but it is still decent and they offer good Slayer XP when on task.

Runescape: Beginner’s Basics

RuneScape is a massive online adventure game, in which you can explore the whole Runescape world. But it’s not easy to start this game, even you have a lot of RS Gold, some basic of Runescape is needed.

The purpose of this guide is to help you take your first steps in RuneScape. Throughout this guide, we will explain a lot of things a new RuneScape player needs to know such as creating your character, controlling your character, interacting with various people and objects, and much, much more! However, as it has already been mentioned, you will be interacting with other players, of which runs security risks.

When you’re ready to create your RuneScape account, go to and click on the “Play Free Now” button on the home page, once the game loads click the “Create Account Now” link, the game client will then take you through the process of registering for RuneScape.

Once the game loads, enter your email address and password you used earlier to register (older accounts will login using a username instead of an email address).

Note: Players with existing Facebook and Runescape accounts can alternatively log directly into the game from their Facebook pages. Click the Facebook icon beneath the “Play Now” button on Runescape’s main site to install the app which allows this. You can also login with a G+ or Axeso5 (grandfathered if you had an account through them prior to the closing of the Spanish servers.)

Runescape: Beginner's Basics

Next you will be taken to the “Lobby”. Here, you can enter the game, change your settings, chat in a friends or clan chat, or chat with your friends via the private message system. Below is a picture of the Player Info screen, which you will see after logging in.

The following is an explanation of their function:

Play now: Play the game!

Favourite Worlds: Next to the “Play” button are 3 smaller buttons that automatically enter you into any world you have set. You can set these worlds to your own preference. This can be done in the World Select screen. Clicking this button enters the game.

Options: Jagex smuggles away a lot of important information such as your membership days remaining, link to messasge inbox, links to validate your email or set up authenticator, etc.. They are in the blue box as outlined in the image above. Hover over each one for more details.

World Select Tab: This allows you to change worlds. You can also set up to two default worlds which will appear on the main screen. Click a world to highlight it, then click the “Click Here to Play” button to enter that world.
Friends Tab: Displays your friend and ignore lists and allows you to talk to your friends. Click their name in your friend list or in the chat box to send a message. You can also change how people see your online status (either to Everybody, Friends, or Nobody). Chatting with friends is explained more in-depth later.

Friends Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Friends Chat. Here you can enter a channel and talk to other players that are in it. Friends Chats are discussed more in-depth later.

Clan Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Clan Chat. Here you can enter a clan you are in and, like with the Friends Chat system, talk to others that are in the channel. Clan Chats are also discussed more in-depth later.

Options Tab: Change all of in-game graphics and audio options here, as well as whether the background is animated or not in the initial log in screen. Graphics and Audio options are discussed in-depth later.

Quit (The X): Logs you out and returns you to the main login screen.
Should you attempt to log into a world that is full (2000 users are already logged in) you will be placed on a waiting list.

Runescape: Ultimate Vorago Guides

Hi, guys, today I want to show you a Runescape Vorago Guides from, I really hope that this can help you to find more fun and be more powerful in the game.

Combat level: 10000
Hit points: 250000
Stats: 90 melee, ranged, magic and defence
Max hit: 5000 (auto attacks), 10000+ (specials)
Weakness: None
Immunities: Poison, Leech curses, Stun, Reflect, Shove (kick ability), Provoke (on final phase or purple bomb)
Attack styles: Melee, Magic, specials
Unique drops: Seismic wand and singularity, Tectonic energy, Ancient summoning stone (Vitalis pet), Ancient artifact (Bombi pet)

He can be found in the Borehole, located north of Falador.

This battle can also be instanced, costing 1M gp per hour. If everyone leaves the instance it ends. Entering a kill counts as leaving, what matters is the people in the intro area.

Dealing the finishing blow is a requirement to trim a Completionist Cape.

Runescape: Ultimate Vorago Guides

Hard mode can be unlocked by dealing the finishing blow in all weekly rotations. Your progress can be seen on the signpost near the Borehole entrance.

Doing so in hard mode, unlocks a title, a cosmetic override and the ability to unlock a pet. (more information at the end of the guide)

Hard mode also increases the chance from the unique drops.

Starting out

To challenge him into a fight, the team has to take 50000 (70000 if hard mode) damage split between the team. Once the fight started the only way to get out is by death, success or logging out. Players cannot rejoin the fight upon leaving.

Arena’s grid system

Vorago’s arena can be seen as a large 3×3 grid.

It mainly affects the following:

- Phase change jump – Vorago will land in the center of those locations
- Gravity orbs – They appear in those locations
- Ceiling collapse – Rock fall locations
- Scopulus – Their initial locations
- Vitalis – Where the projectile lands and creates vitalis
- Green bomb – Where the bomb lands and creates mist
- Teamsplit – Safe area locations
- The end – Bomb and safe area location

Ruenscape: Gaining Prayer Experience

There are a few ways you can get prayer experience. You can get prayer experience by killing monsters and picking up their bones then burying them. Another way, exclusive to members, is by burning the remains of Shades. Some quests will reward a player with prayer experience. One last way, also for members only, is by killing Ghasts.

Bone Burying
When you kill monsters in RuneScape you will usually get a set of bones. To bury bones you must have picked them up so that they are in your inventory. Then you can either right click on the bones and select “Bury” or simply left click them.

Different types of bones give different experience values. Unlike other skills there is no prayer requirement for burying different bones, so no matter what your level is you can bury any types of bones you like.

Ruenscape: Gaining Prayer Experience

Long Bones and Curved Bones
Long bones and curved bones can be obtained by any monster who drops big bones. If you take Long bones and curved bones to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan, he will pay you and give you construction xp for them if your construction level is over 30. (1000gp and 1500xp for long bones, 2000gp and 3000xp for curved bones)

Shade Burning (Members Only)
The burning of the shades at Mort’ton is rather slow prayer experience, but you can get cool rewards by using the keys that appear after burning shades. By burning the remains of shades at the dungeon in Mort’ton you can gain both prayer and firemaking experience.

If you kill Ghasts in Mort Myre Swamp, you can get 30 prayer experience per Ghast killed. You must have completed the Nature Spirit quest to get the necessary equipment.

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Runescape magic basic

Magic plays an important role in Runescape – it’s skill level can’t be improved by Runescape Gold, so if you want to control it, you need a lot of practices.

Magic is a fairly simple skill. First of all you will need to locate your spell menu. On the right hand side of your screen, click on the book icon and you will see a list of spells. This is where all of your magic will take place.

The main part of this menu is the icons on top. Any icon that is not lit up is a spell that you either do not have the required runes or you do not have the required level to cast it. If a spell icon is lit up, you know that you have both the required runes and the required level.

Runescape magic basic

The other part of this menu is black space on the bottom. When your cursor is moved over a spell, the information on that spell will be displayed. On top the name of the spell and the magic level requirement is shown and just below it is a brief description. At the bottom are the rune/item requirements for the spell. The numbers below tell you how many runes/items you need to cast the spell. If the number below a rune/item is green the requirement for that rune has been fulfilled, however if a number is red you will need more of that rune/item to cast the spell. When all of the numbers are green you have all of the rune and item requirements to cast the spell.

Casting a spell is simple. Simply click on the spell you want to cast and then click on your target. Remember that not all of the spells work the same so you will need to practice this skill in order to get the hang of it. If you are wielding a staff, you will be able to use an “Auto Cast” feature, which will help you cast the spells much faster. To use it, go to your combat menu and click the “Choose Spell” button. It will bring up a menu of the spells available for auto-casting. Select the spell and you should be ready to go! Now all you have to do is attack something and you will start casting spells automatically. If you have auto cast on, and set your combat style to defensive, you will also receive Defence experience.

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Let’s hunting in Runescape

Not all hunters can earn a lot of Runescape Gold – only some outstanding hunters can be rich by hunting. The hunter skill is separated into differing categories, each with different animals and differing styles of hunting.

The compiled list of information below will explain in detail, what each hunting style is, and how it works. At certain levels you gain the ability to set more traps. The table below shows the levels at which you gain these abilities.

Tracking is rather self-explanatory – you track down your prey. Tracking involves searching for Kebbit prints leading out of Burrows, then following the tracks around by searching nearby plants, rocks and trees. You will probably have to find the rest of the trail about five times before it leads you to the Kebbit you are hunting. At this point it is vital you have your noose wand equipped. After finding the end of the tracks inspect a nearby bush, or something else the Kebbit may be hiding in, and inspect it. You’ll hook yourself a Kebbit if you have the noose wand equipped.

Bird Hunting
Adam’s Screenshot of Tracks
Bird Hunting is a very basic and understandable concept. When bird hunting, always remember to bring at least 2 snares. If you are at a higher level (20-40) bring more snares, as you may set more than one trap. The reason you bring extra snares is because you can often fail to see that one has collapsed, or even lag out, thus losing your snares. As the areas where you catch birds are quite remote, it’s a pain to trek back to a bank or a Hunting Store to get new ones.

Butterfly Catching
While butterfly catching requires concentration at all times, this is a very easy method for levelling up from levels 15 to 40. To catch butterflies, a butterfly net must be wielded, and at least one butterfly jar must be in your inventory. To catch a butterfly, locate one and click on it. You will attempt to catch the butterfly and this, depending on your level, could take many attempts. To speed up hunting butterflies, it is wise to have a lot of butterfly jars in your inventory. This saves time lost repeatedly releasing them. Another, more tricky method, is to find the butterflies respawn spot. Finding it speeds up hunting much faster as there is no need to find the butterfly.

Fall Trapping
Using the fall trapping option is a very good way to collect experience for the Hunter skill. The only downfall is that it can be very popular as well. To set up a fall, you first must have the required items: 1 Knife, Logs (A good amount, any type of log will do), Bait (Varies on the creature, not required but recommended), and Proper clothing for the certain area you are in (Not required once again, but recommended). Once you have those items, head over to a spot that looks like this. Basically it looks like a bunch of boulders on the ground. First set up your fall by clicking on the boulder, this will automatically take out the logs from your bag and set it up. Next, this is recommended, click on your ‘bait’ (Once again varies on the animal, it might be raw meat to fish to even barley) and use it on the fall. Then sit there and wait, eventually the creature will get close and go under the trap. The boulder will then fall and fall on top of the creature. Click on the boulder again and collect the drops.

Box Trapping
Box trapping is used to capture Chinchompas in the woodland area, Red Chinchompas in the jungle and – with the release of the quest Eagles’ Peak – Ferrets. To trap an animal, simply set up a box trap (bought from any hunting store) and place it in the area where the hunted animal is. Then your trap can be baited (different animals like different baits):

Chinchompa (Woodland) Spicy Chopped Tomato
Red Chinchompa (Jungle) Spicy Minced Meat
Your trap can also be smoked by using a lit torch; this will remove any scent you left behind which decreases the intervals at which they come to you. This, like any trap, has a chance of failing – if an animal walks up to it and pauses, it may spring the trap prematurely, startling it, but not catching it.

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Do you how to use Herblore in Runescape

Do you know the Herblore in Runescape, which is an intricate art involving the use of plants. You can use Herblore to make some potions and then sell it for Runescape Gold, this is a very simple way to make money in the game, you can easily control it.

This section outlines the process involved in making potions; where to obtain Herblore tools, herbs, and second ingredients; as well as what to do to avoid boredom.

Herb Cleaning
Throughout your travels around RuneScape, you may come across grimy herbs. Without the correct Herblore level, or prior knowledge, you will not be able to clean the herbs to use them.

To clean an herb, simply left-click it and it will quickly change to the herb it represents.

Second Ingredients
There are many “second ingredients” that can be found throughout RuneScape, which you can add to your potions to complete them. All second ingredients are monster drops; they spawn at certain locations around RuneScape, or stores sell them.


You can find a complete set of the second ingredients available in the game here.

Vials [ Water and Coconut Milk ]
There are three methods to obtaining water filled vials. The first being: buy empty vials from a shop, and fill them up using the fountain near the west Falador bank. The second method involves emptying your useless potions (or creating 4-dose potions), then filling them up with water; or alternatively, buying plant cure from farming stores, emptying them, and then filling them with water later on. The final method is just to buy water filled vials from players, or one of the stores in the table below. This can take a lot of time however. You could also kill Water elementals (level-35) in the elemental workshop, as they drop water filled vials all the time. This isn’t recommended though, as it does take a long time – the only plus is that they drop herbs as well. An alternative is to go to the Karamja, Entrana or Shilo Village general stores, as they sell water-filled vials.

A different procedure exists in the case of Extra and Super weapon poison and anti poison potions, in that the making of the potion requires a vial with coconut milk2.

Water-filled vials are the base-tool required to make most potions. Accordingly, most members face this major problem in training Herblore. The table below lists the most worthwhile locations where you can buy them.

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Runescape: Special Summer Comes

There will be a new frequent contents in Runescape – New contents make game be more playable, while also make it costly since it requires much Runescape Gold to enjoy, hoping you enjoy the upcoming contents with lower costs.

What are benefits of Summer Special Membership?
This year’s summer package was available buying from 26th May to Mid-July, providing players 3 months membership for the price of 2 as well as two items below, which are only available for players who meet one of these requirements: Gold Premier Club members, have 12 consecutive months of membership, buy the 3-month special package.

1. The Enlightenment aura will be activate on June 1 to provide you with doubles XP for an hour each week and won’t be end until August 31. Note that it needs to recharge every Wednesday.

2. The Cosmic Foresight will give you a chance to gain meteorite, in which you can get a healthy lump of XP and a mysterious relics. Use the relic to benefit in future update, or crush it for XP.

Some questions that players concern about
As the special package has been available for two days, there may be some concerning questions that cannot find an answer from official FAQ. If you have the same questions, follow RSorder to find answer.

1. Since runescape membership has gone up in price, players may not know the exact price. However, according to Jagex Support, the price is dependent on where you live, although the same, the currency will be different.

2. If you have bought member before, it is OK. You can buy membership any time and still then purchase the summer special to enjoy the special offer.

Runescape: Special Summer Comes

3. For those who are Gold Premier Club members or have 12 consecutive months of membership, if you haven’t found the Aura in inventory, don’t worry, it will be available for you within 1 day, as they’re adding them manually.

What are the upcoming contents in RS?
1. World event Tuska: In the first update of June, you’ll travel into space to battle the beast goddess Tuska before she collides with Gielinor. Go down in history as a hero who saved the world, and earn a new warpriest set and ability.

2. Gather the shards of seren: Find out in the latest Grandmaster quest and bring back the crystal goddess, you will learn new ancient spells and prayers that’ll open up new styles of play as rewards.

3. Ten-player Raids: Venture through a new area that bigger than Prifddinas. Fight in challenging ten-player boss battles to claim high-level rs items, such as weapons and armour as reward!

4. New Dragons, Life’s Beach, Hero’s Welcome, Goebie Quest, and more!
Seize the opportunity and get your three months’ membership at a lower price, you will save much money to enjoy the upcoming contents!

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Runescape: let’s fishing

There are mnay interesting things that you can experience, even if you don’t have many RS Gold, you can still enjoy the game, which is the reason that so many gamers love Runescape. Fishing is a really funny activity – easy, simple and interesting.

There are many forms of sea life out there, just waiting for you to catch them. Through the art of fishing, you will be able to catch them all! Fishing is a calm, relaxing and repetitive skill, which is quite easy to raise.

Runescape: let's fishing

The higher your fishing level is, the faster you will obtain your desired fish. This guide will teach you all about the fishing skill and the benefits of a good fishing level. There are many fishing locations throughout RuneScape. As usual, members have the edge in fishing, with the Fishing Trawler mini-game, the Fishing Guild, and Catherby – the biggest out-of-guild fishing area closest to a bank.

As you would have learned on Tutorial Island, fishing is a very easy skill. Here is a basic tutorial incase you do not remember how to fish. First, make sure you have the proper fishing equipment in your inventory. Then right click on the fishing spot, marked by the Zybez RuneScape Help’s City Key of a Fishing Spot on the minimap, for your fishing options.

Now just select which option you would like to use. If you have a small fishing net, then you should click “Net Fishing spot”. Once you do this, you will automatically start fishing, and will stop when your inventory is full, or when the fishing spot moves.

Runescape introduction

I am a die-hard Runescape fan, I am happy to spend all of my pocket money to buy RS Gold. Because Runescape Gold is the key to be powerful and strong in the agme. But do you know what is Runescape actually?

Runescape is a popular web-based MMORPG developed by a UK company, Jagex. Being based on the Java platform, the game appeals to a broad range of players and attracts as much as 10 million people.

The game offers free to play content, funded by advertisement, as well as premium subscriptions for non-advertising servers. The game is based on a fantasy theme involving players to exploring the the world of Gielinor. Like other MMORPGs, the game is open-ended and there is no particular path to follow.


It does not have any definite storyline or lore, but rather, players set their own objectives which they work on according to their own pace. Players can engage in killing monsters, fighting other players, completing quests, leveling skills and doing other activities such as trading and mini-games. The game has been running since 2004 and is still going strong with more people joining up every day.

Runescape Gold is the common in-game currency used by players to trade and exchange goods with. The most direct way to obtain Runescape GP is by killing monsters and completing quests. Otherwise, players collect raw materials and convert them to items and sell them to other players for RS Gold.

Successful traders make a fortune from the Grand Exchange where as certain weapons and armor demand high prices. Occasionally, the economy becomes unstable with players exploiting the game’s resources. The producer is strongly against all kinds of exploits and looking for ways to counter-measure such activities. However, various game currency sellers are offering RS Gold for real money.