Do you how to use Herblore in Runescape

Do you know the Herblore in Runescape, which is an intricate art involving the use of plants. You can use Herblore to make some potions and then sell it for Runescape Gold, this is a very simple way to make money in the game, you can easily control it.

This section outlines the process involved in making potions; where to obtain Herblore tools, herbs, and second ingredients; as well as what to do to avoid boredom.

Herb Cleaning
Throughout your travels around RuneScape, you may come across grimy herbs. Without the correct Herblore level, or prior knowledge, you will not be able to clean the herbs to use them.

To clean an herb, simply left-click it and it will quickly change to the herb it represents.

Second Ingredients
There are many “second ingredients” that can be found throughout RuneScape, which you can add to your potions to complete them. All second ingredients are monster drops; they spawn at certain locations around RuneScape, or stores sell them.


You can find a complete set of the second ingredients available in the game here.

Vials [ Water and Coconut Milk ]
There are three methods to obtaining water filled vials. The first being: buy empty vials from a shop, and fill them up using the fountain near the west Falador bank. The second method involves emptying your useless potions (or creating 4-dose potions), then filling them up with water; or alternatively, buying plant cure from farming stores, emptying them, and then filling them with water later on. The final method is just to buy water filled vials from players, or one of the stores in the table below. This can take a lot of time however. You could also kill Water elementals (level-35) in the elemental workshop, as they drop water filled vials all the time. This isn’t recommended though, as it does take a long time – the only plus is that they drop herbs as well. An alternative is to go to the Karamja, Entrana or Shilo Village general stores, as they sell water-filled vials.

A different procedure exists in the case of Extra and Super weapon poison and anti poison potions, in that the making of the potion requires a vial with coconut milk2.

Water-filled vials are the base-tool required to make most potions. Accordingly, most members face this major problem in training Herblore. The table below lists the most worthwhile locations where you can buy them.

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