Runescape: Ultimate Vorago Guides

Hi, guys, today I want to show you a Runescape Vorago Guides from, I really hope that this can help you to find more fun and be more powerful in the game.

Combat level: 10000
Hit points: 250000
Stats: 90 melee, ranged, magic and defence
Max hit: 5000 (auto attacks), 10000+ (specials)
Weakness: None
Immunities: Poison, Leech curses, Stun, Reflect, Shove (kick ability), Provoke (on final phase or purple bomb)
Attack styles: Melee, Magic, specials
Unique drops: Seismic wand and singularity, Tectonic energy, Ancient summoning stone (Vitalis pet), Ancient artifact (Bombi pet)

He can be found in the Borehole, located north of Falador.

This battle can also be instanced, costing 1M gp per hour. If everyone leaves the instance it ends. Entering a kill counts as leaving, what matters is the people in the intro area.

Dealing the finishing blow is a requirement to trim a Completionist Cape.

Runescape: Ultimate Vorago Guides

Hard mode can be unlocked by dealing the finishing blow in all weekly rotations. Your progress can be seen on the signpost near the Borehole entrance.

Doing so in hard mode, unlocks a title, a cosmetic override and the ability to unlock a pet. (more information at the end of the guide)

Hard mode also increases the chance from the unique drops.

Starting out

To challenge him into a fight, the team has to take 50000 (70000 if hard mode) damage split between the team. Once the fight started the only way to get out is by death, success or logging out. Players cannot rejoin the fight upon leaving.

Arena’s grid system

Vorago’s arena can be seen as a large 3×3 grid.

It mainly affects the following:

- Phase change jump – Vorago will land in the center of those locations
- Gravity orbs – They appear in those locations
- Ceiling collapse – Rock fall locations
- Scopulus – Their initial locations
- Vitalis – Where the projectile lands and creates vitalis
- Green bomb – Where the bomb lands and creates mist
- Teamsplit – Safe area locations
- The end – Bomb and safe area location

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