Spent On Ormor Crafting Of Albion Online

1-Rebalance fame needed to be spent on cooking. After making 1000 wheat soups at 48 wheat a stack, I don’t think I should have to spend 40 more points to learn how to turn flour into bread…just seems stupid, a waste of Albion Online Silver
. Either lower the fame on it, or combine the skill with another item on the board.
2-Rebalance fame needed to be spent on armor crafting. Same as above, I don’t think it’s really fair or balanced that if you can make tier 4.3 boots, that you have to redo the entire grind just to make the boots and helm. Combine them in some way that makes the game less grindy and lame.
3-Rebalance combat skills for pve and pvp. It’s pretty easy to solo with any axe, however, holy staff isn’t easy to grind at all. Please balance these classes, so healers aren’t forced to find parties just so they can accomplish simple tasks such as farming bear hides, while these simple buy Albion Online Gold are menial to a melee class as mentioned above. The same applies to PVP. Warbow and crossbow users have clear and unequivocal benefits that allow them to flourish when capturing territories, and doing other things in the red/black zones such as initiating for a zerg rush. THIS IS STUPID, BECAUSE, RED/BLACK ZONES ARE THE ONLY PLACE TO FIND THE RESOURCES FOUND FOR ALL ENDGAME CONTENT/EQUIPMENT. BALANCE COMBAT VIABILITY FOR ALL PLAYERS SKILL PATHS ON THE DESTINY BOARD, OR THE GAME WILL DWINDLE AWAY FROM BEING A VIABLE GAMING OPTION.

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