Auto-decline Duels Albion Online Toggle

So the latest thing some asshat in town does is spam duel invitations to people at the repair station, with 250k wagers. Dude is in high tier gear hitting lowbies like myself, and I have seen the notification where he wins 100k from some poor bastard. When you are repairing or salvaging a million times (which this game makes you do due to lack of repair/salvage all UI), you have to be careful not to click accept when this jagoff does his thing. An auto-deny duel request checkbox would fix it.

This is horrible logic. The system is set up in such a way that it is rife for abuse. It has nothing to do with entitlement. When there is no repair all button, and you have to manually (and subsequently as quickly as possible) repair each set of armor and click the yes button, the Albion Online Silver
ability to challenge someone to a duel who has no armor (it is all broken) for vast amounts and have the window pop up right in the same place they are already hitting “yes” is simply put a horrible system.

The person challenging the duel is a complete low life trying to abuse the system, but at the same time they are working WITHIN THE SYSTEM. the SYSTEM needs to be changed. You can’t say “they can only blame themselves”. They can blame the crap system that makes it so easy to steal people’s entire silver savings (which could have been originally gold purchases).

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