Multiple Levels And Hidden Albion Online Treasure

- there is not enough content to keep you interested in progressing (be it skills at T6,7,8 or the amount of land available, or rewards for exploring etc.)
- there are too many barriers in this (not a)-sandbox game, which shrink your progression down to a very boring and grindy experience
- if the grind shall stay, mob fights need to be entertaining and not boring
- every aspect, despite zone controle, is heavily lacking in entertainment. You want to be a farmer, but you can only do that for a very short amount of time. Then you can wait or log off. You want to be the best plate boot crafter, but you realize, that your products are not unique and NPCs do a better job at making them Albion Online Silver
higher quality then you are. (Could be fixed with additional crafting focus (not the points! A deeper system), that add new stats or even passives to an item, to make the crafter more unique). And as a last example: you like to explore, but there is no content to be explored. No caves, that have multiple levels and hidden treasure, no secret doors behind a rock, that yield some sort of unique challenge solo or small group boss.

There is just one goal right now: get to a high item lvl, form a good group and kill some players until it gets boring.This is my oppinon.Im just mainly interested in the changes that this patch brought in terms of early progression.Im pretty sure I read the fact that they are pretty solidified on these crafting and refining changes, which means it totally changes the strategy you come out with in the game. This means I can now craft my own items on my alts with little consequence, all those mats and planning we put into having a crafter / 2crafters as well as 24 separate refiners … it just changes the game. So now if this is how they want progression to go, than we need to take another look at the early game progression for these guilds.

Honestly, if I could make a Albion Online Gold suggestion that I think would change this game for the better 100% , and I think they are ahead of me on this one.. is to remove ANY type of building plots on black zones and make them single cluster’s with late game material plots, fuck the farms, so throw up essense/forest/mines … end game resource plots in black zones only with no cities so guilds have to fight for them and have no where to safely hide under a currently almost impossible city seige if your guild has any wits about it.

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